James F. Daniel, Jr. American Legion Post 3


 HaveHHOur Partners and Sponsors


Our Sponsors List contains the names of the our individuals and local businesses, large and small, commercial, industrial, educational and non-profit organizations, among others. These Sponsors unselfishly lend their support and financial assistance to enrich our community. Thank you for your support of our community.

For business sponsors and partners, click on their name, and you will be connected to Sponsor's web page.


 Goodfellows Club Annual Food Drive Sponsors

In addition to our annual sponsors below,

our many Goodfellows Club donors are reported 

in the daily edition of the Greenville News, both print & e-edition.

Greenville News

Greenville Convention Center

Greenville Meats

Bargain Food Store

CF Sauer, Inc.

Boy Scouts of America

Girls Scouts

Trail Life U.S.A.

The Greenville County Sheriff Cadets





Annual Donation Sponsors of Funds and Gifts

Many, Many, Many Local Businesses and Individuals - Thank You!


Benefits Accruing to your Post's Sponsors

Supporting our Post through sponsorship of our activities enables you to reach thousands of Veterans, their families and friends throughout the community. The goodwill you receive, showing your love of country, family and community by supporting all Veteran organizations result in untold goodwill, benefits and new business.

Interested customers who click on your listing will be connected directly to your own e-mail or web page enabling you to communicate your products/services to your utmost advantage.

Any tax deductible donation per year entitles your listing to be displayed on our website for an entire year generating goodwill and new business. 100% of donations acquired will be spent within our community for scholarships for our children, assistance to Veterans, their families and other worthy community projects and programs.