James F. Daniel, Jr. American Legion Post 3


Post History


The American Legion Post 3 was formed on 30 July, 1919.  Yes, our post has been in continuous operation, serving veterans, children, and the Greenville area community at large, for 104 years (as of 2023). In 2024, we will have been active for over almost 105 years.  Attached below, you will find a short history of a few of the post members' achievements and service.

Post 3 has a long history of leadership in the state of South Carolina.  The following is a list of Post 3 Commanders, that have continued to serve, as State Department Commanders of the American Legion.

1920-1921 – G. Heyward Mahon, Jr.

1927-1928 – C. Reid Elkins

1935—1936- James F. Daniel (NVC 1937-1938)

1952-1953- E. Roy Stone, Jr, Honorary Ntl Cmdr

1964-1965- Ed. B. Smith

1968-1969-Milford A. Forrester

1990-1991- J. Norris Kinion

1999-2000 Frank Ward

2014-2015 John Collins